CPRC Seminar

 CPRC holds CPRC seminars on competition policy issues with the aim of contributing to the identification of future research topics.

Latest(Fiscal 2024〜)

152 May 31, 2024 The Welfare Effects of Government Intervention into the Licensing of Standard-essential Patents: An analysis of the Chinese smartphone and SoC markets WATANABE Mariko
(Professor, Department of Management, Faculty of Economics at Gakushuin University)
KUBO Kensuke
(Associate Professor, Faculty of Business and Commerce, Keio University)
151 May 10, 2024 Latest development on market definition analyses in the EU: an economic perspective Yan Yu
(Partner, RBB Economics LLP)
Benoît Durand
(Partner, RBB Economics LLP)
150 April 12, 2024 Directors' liability for neglecting their duties and shareholders' derivative lawsuits, etc. -based on recent court precedents- TASHIRO, Keishiro
(Partner, Attorney-at-law, TMI Associates)
HANAMOTO, Koichiro
(Partner, Attorney-at-law, TMI Associates)
149 April 5, 2024 Data and Competition Greg Taylor
(Associate Professor and Senior Research Fellow, Specialist in the Economics of digitisation and competition, Internet Institute, University of Oxford)